The Hound of Lehman

Here I am, trapped. I have exhausted all avenues of entertainment and work. Opal, our recently adopted two year old (give or take) Coonhound was spayed yesterday and has required constant watch. You see, Opal loves to pick and will never let her curiosity fade. Kristin and I have been working opposite schedules at the hospital this week…which has worked out for the best in terms of our watchmefn posts. Changing of the guard happens at 1430 and 2230, at ease soldier. The “convenience” of this set up has resulted in one casualty though…my sleep. Less than five hours of sleep per night for three nights has taken its toll. Last night at 10pm I told Kristin that I hadn’t really eaten since I started my watch. She offered to pick up some food on her way home, but I declined. All I wanted was sleep. So Kristin says:


Chaos ensued. I just HAD to make the bacon…We went from calm sedated dog opium den to police raid in about 3 minutes flat. The moment the sheet pan hit a steamy 350 degrees…it made a loud pop sound and the dog shit hit the fan. Opal awoke from her sedation and ran around the room in panic. The bacon fumes must have calmed her to some degree because she walked into her kennel turned to face me and then sat down. *Queue projectile vomit*…Great. No good deed goes unpunished. Oh, did I mention that I burned the bacon? This isn’t a story detailing the difficulties of dog ownership…no, this is a lesson on how to NOT cook bacon. What a tragedy. #Requiemforaslab

So tonight has been better…barring any cooking adventures. Hopefully, I can get some quality sleep later so that I can build the deer fence around the garden tomorrow. One can hope? #Requiemforadream8479F2D9-EEB8-43F6-8034-95CB045EF38B